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Enstruction Series 

Introduced in 2002, classroom-style training on a variety of forms-related topics is offered in many cities across the United States and Canada. Since inception, we have trained over 280 forms professionals with some students going on to obtain their Certified Form Systems Professional (CFSP) certification.


We offer online training with our Best Practices in Forms Management course and Forms Training Online.

Most courses are endorsed by Business Forms Management Association as part of the on-going effort to provide members with quality forms/form systems education. Our course offerings are designed to augment the study process for the CFSP certification exam.


We believe Enstruction Series classes are the only forms management and design training classes offered in the United States and Canada.

Courses currently offered:
4 Best Practices in Forms Management

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4 Forms Training Online

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Understanding Forms: A Complete Guide for Design & Management

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4 Forms Analysis & Design  

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Focused Forms Training

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 Certification Information

The Certified Form Systems Professional (CFSP) program offered by Business Forms Management Association (BFMA) requires passing a four-section test of one's knowledge on forms-related topics.  Those topics are listed in the CFSP Content Outline.  


Essociates Group has also provided an article covering each test section which defines applicable and pertinent areas of study.  Those specific topic areas are:

     Process and Workflow Analysis

     Forms Design and Development

     Manufacturing and Technology Principles

     Forms Management


Contact us if your organization can provide a training room and equipment. We can schedule a class in your facility, including customized training on most forms-related topics, and provide discounted registrations for your employee associates.

Essociates Group can provide your organization with customized training on most forms-related subjects. Contact Us for additional information. 



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