Form Center

A Full-featured Forms Management Database for

Organizations of Any Size


Form Center is a comprehensive forms management relational database that helps forms managers perform at a high level of efficiency.  It provides management data about each form in your population and facilitates management of forms related projects such as new or revised forms, forms analysis, forms obsolescence, and more.

The database structures the data around the concept of metadata (or general information about a form) and multiple actions or projects associated with each form, such as a when it is new or every time it is revised.

 Basic Features


4      A relational database built in MS Access that includes tables, queries, reports and forms for managing a large forms population. It includes the following information about each form:

o        Form identification

o        Management data

o        Business systems relationships

o        Related forms associations

o        Distinctions embedded in form container

o        Deployment data

o        Reviews management

o        Assessments/Analysis management

o        Specifications by product type

o        Discontinuance/Obsolescence management

o        Inquiry management

4      It also includes basic forms project management capabilities:

o        Project identification

o     Tasks, resource assignments and status tracking

o     Proofing/Approvals management

4Comprehensive Features

Includes all Basic features PLUS

o        MS-Outlook integration for proofs and scheduled reviews

o    Extended Project Management capabilities, including a Project Management tab with fields

       related to projects such as Project Type, Project Level, Tasks, and Project Complexity

o    Expanded Metrics Tracking capabilities

o    Additional queries and forms

o    Annual maintenance Agreement for support, online training and upgrades

4 Best Practices Features

Includes all Standard and Comprehensive features PLUS

o        A module for batch processing of multi-forms projects

o    A forms catalog with robust search features (near future)

o    A customized report builder wizard

   An integrated project request form

   User-level access security

   Twenty-five hours development time for customized queries and reports

   An expanded annual maintenance agreement for training, including on-site training

4 Add-On Modules

Available as add-ons to Best Practices features:

o        Integration to SQL Server back-end

o    A web front-end that allows users to query form and project data (near future)

o    Integration to the Amgraf Forms Portal (near future)

   Access to data conversion services

   Access to customization projects


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